I'm a passionate baker and cake artist. My journey into the world of cakes began at the age of three when I eagerly assisted my mother in creating pastries for church every Sunday. These early moments of deliciousness left a mark on my soul, revealing that baking was my true calling.

Growing up, my sister and I dreamt of opening a café together, but my parents had different career aspirations for me. Their doubts about the viability of baking as a profession were dispelled by the encouragement of my pastor, ultimately enabling me to chase my dreams.

With determination, I made the life-altering choice to leave university and enroll in culinary school, recognizing that a culinary education would work harmoniously with my passion for baking. This decision, though challenging, felt undeniably right. Complementing my formal education, I immersed myself in the food industry, tirelessly absorbing knowledge and experience. Countless hours of dedication and practice honed my baking and cake artistry skills, yielding valuable experiences and lessons for which I am deeply thankful.

CakeJuliaCake was born as an expression of my boundless creativity and passion for baking. Over time, it has blossomed into something truly extraordinary, thanks to the unconditional support of my friends and family. I've had the privilege to collaborate with esteemed industry leaders and become part of an incredible baking community.

As a self-taught cake artist, I am continually challenging myself to evolve and embrace fresh ideas. While I have carved a niche specializing in anime-inspired cakes and intricate Swiss Meringue Buttercream floral designs, I remain open to new creative challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my love for cakes. There is no greater joy for me than crafting delectable and beautiful cakes that bring smiles to people's faces. To see more of my creations, check out my Instagram, TikTok or YouTube @cakejuliacake. I'm so excited for the journey ahead, and can't wait to share my love for cakes with the world.

Baked With Love

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Wedding Cake
3-tiered wedding cake